Sindhuja Suryadevara

Sindhuja Devaraya is a passionate practitioner of Kuchipudi with a dedicated and disciplined approach towards the art form. She received initial training from Smt. Madhavi, Smt. Padma Kalyan and Sri Vedantam Raghava and since 2005 is under the guidance of Dr. Yashoda Thakore. Lauded for her grace, expressiveness and sense of rhythm, she believes in a holistic approach towards dance. Sindhuja composes dance for compositions included in her repertoire (both solo and group presentational styles) aspiring to achieve a unique style, drawing inspiration from readings/texts and other dances. Sindhuja established Sinjini School of Arts (Regd.) in 2016 and trains enthusiasts in both dance and music. A strong grounding in practical and theoretical aspects benefits her in driving concepts, making it engrossing, coherent and comprehensive to the students.