Ratnamala Nori

Smt. Ratnamala Nori holds B.A in Fine Arts and M.A in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archeology, AMI Diploma in Montessori Training and a PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is the founder, director of ‘The Nori Art and Puppetry Centre,’ a Hyderabad based NGO, which believes in reaching out through Art and Puppetry and making a difference in the lives of people in various fields. Along with her husband and troupe members, for more than a decade, she has conducted many programmes, training workshops, made productions in English, Hindi and Telugu and given performances both for children, teachers and community workers at the under privileged levels.

She received an Ugadi Purashkar award  from the Madras Telugu Academy for Innovative use of Puppetry in 1998, an N.C.E.R.T. (National Council for Educational Research & Training) award for State Level Educational Toy Competition - Puppet, in 1987 and a Nandi Award for the Puppet play – titled ‘Maya - oka Japan katha’, made for Hyderabad Doordarshan in 1992.