ITEEHA, as the name signifies is connected with art from the roots of our country. Full of life, energy and creativity. Our consultancy service is innovative and customised. With years of experience in the textile industry and an equivalently experienced work force, Iteeha is a one stop destination for design and consultancy. We identify new ways to serve and support people. Trying to envision their needs and requirements, we create interactive designs and experiences that bring their vision to life. Our focus at Iteeha is towards educating, encouraging and bringing to people the rich Indian folk art by having the artisans themselves from the villages conducting live art workshops. With a true Indian spirit and a global appeal, it is cross pollination of ideas between the old and new, urban and the rural. Having said that, we are great pals with folk art and technology, intensely human, highly dedicated and socially responsible. We follow our heart and keep it simple.